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The BBC reports that Bornean orangutans have been observed preventing fights between their fellow captives in a Japan zoo.Read Article and watch video>
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Minnesotan lawyers and divorced families are discovering the benfits of mediation in family law court. Some are surprised at results they couldn’t have predicted. Read Article >
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Mediation is an option that workers and employers are considering for their labor disputes. In Okenaga, fruit works are opting for binding mediation rather than striking. And in Boulder, Colorado, a federal mediator is stepping in to help with talks between teachers and the school district. Read Article >
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Teen converts to Christianity, and runs away to Florida from her Ohio home, claiming her Muslim family threatened her for converting. The parents deny the allegations, and a court in Florida has ordered mediation as a next step. Will mediation work in this tough case? Read Article >
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Courts across the country are looking to mediation as a preferred way to resolve small claims cases. Now it looks like police forces are considering something similar. In New York City, the Police Commissioner has called for more mediation to handle citizen complaints about police. Read Article >
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