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Warring Comedians Work it out

In this post from the pop culture blog, blog author Gabe Delahaye remarks on the unusually civil debate among two comedians who have a famous (among “comedy nerds”) feud about the authorship of their jokes. The relatively well-mannered scene took place in a recent episode of Louis C.K.’s highly-regarded series, Louie. Warning: the scene employs some of the raunchiness and coarse language typical of modern comedy, as does the comments section of the blog post that discusses it. Both are included here because they provide a nice example of how conversation — both in the scene and in the comments section — doesn’t have to be pretty or textbook-polite in order to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion. One can hope that such instances of simple civil discourse will be less remarkable over time. Will they ever be the cultural norm in the United States?

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