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How CRC Assists

CRC’s skilled and experienced mediators guide participants through each phase of the mediation process: identifying problems, clarifying perspectives and concerns, developing viable options and reaching inclusive and mutually satisfying agreements.

Many conflicts are resolved in as little as one mediation session; some conflicts may require a short series of mediated dialogues.

Benefits of CRC Mediation Services:

  • Effective – successful in over 85% of cases
  • Private and confidential
  • Affordable
  • Tailored to your needs

Find the right mediation service for you below. If you have questions about mediation and how it might help your situation, check our FAQs page.

Community Mediation
Small Claims Diversion
Workplace Mediation
Parent Teen Mediation
Divorce Mediation

Community Mediation

If you have reached a standstill in a disagreement with a neighbor, or a communication breakdown with your teenager or other family member, our Community Mediation program can help you rebuild a productive relationship.

In this program, we offer mediation to neighbors, couples, friends, relations, business colleagues, landlords/tenants, would-be litigants , and anyone else to whom we may be of use.


  • We do initial consultations by phone, finding out from each of you what the situation is from your point of view. You do not need to convince the other party to agree to a mediation in order to start the process. We are happy to extend the invitation for you.
  • Then, we find a time when you both can be at our mediation table for a 3 hour block. We don’t have a set schedule–our mediators are flexible, so sessions happen based on the schedule of the people in conflict. Evenings and weekends are fine.
  • Before your mediation session, we send each of you more information about our services, about what to expect from mediation, and tips to make it go smoothly.
  • At the session, you will be joined by a 2- or 3-mediator panel. Their job is not to impose solutions, provide information, or offer advice. Rather, they facilitate communication between the two parties, help explore options for resolution, and help you craft an agreement that is workable, practical, and (most importantly) acceptable to both parties.
  • Our mediation is desgned to be affordable whether it is for individuals or organizations, and we work on a sliding scale based on income. Find out more by calling (831) 475-6117.
Small Claims Diversion

You think the landlord owes you more of your security deposit. Your tenant left you with repairs. Your contractor hasn’t finished the job. The personal loan broke down when communication stopped. These and other situations lead people to small claims court, and to judgments that may not satisfy the situation, even if you “win.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Small Claims Diversion program runs much like the Community Mediation program above, and is priced to cost the same or less that your court filing fee would have been. Find out more about the advantages and process of diverting your small claims through mediaiton. Call 475-6117 or  Download Diversion flyer.

Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace can cause costly and time-consuming problems that weaken the whole organization. Some of these costs include disrupted workflow, reduced productivity, absenteeism, and lowered motivation and morale. If a workplace conflict is escalating and coworkers are unable to resolve it on their own, CRC’s Workplace Mediation Program can help bring about a satisfying solution. Mediation promotes respectful communication and cooperative problem solving in the workplace.


  • Anyone –an employee or employer- calls CRC to request a workplace mediation.
  • CRC staff calls and speaks to the person who called to gather basic information. If someone other than the employer calls, CRC staff will contact the employer to find out if a workplace mediation is possible.
  • If the employer is open to CRC’s assistance, a trained mediator will speak separately with each of the parties to understand their perspective and concerns.
  • The mediator assesses whether the case is appropriate for mediation, and if it is, s/he will facilitate a dialogue between the two parties.
  • Once the parties have the opportunities to be heard and to listen, they are often in a position to look creatively at options and create a mutual agreement of how to proceed.
  • Upon request, CRC can follow up to see how the agreement is going and to support the parties in any fine-tuning.
  • We work with you to have our hourly rate be affordable. Please call 475-6117 to find out more.
Parent-Teen Mediation

The aim of Parent Teen Mediation is to give teens and their parents/guardians the chance to discuss their issues constructively. The Program Coordinator and CRC-trained mediator teach them positive communication skills, facilitate mutual understanding, work to strengthen relationships, and help parents and teens to develop mutually acceptable agreements that promote healthy interaction and home life.

Parent Teen Mediation is available to all teens and their parents throughout the County. No referral by an outside party is required, so parents and/or teens are welcome to call us directly to request this service at (831)475-6117. Most mediation sessions are three hours long, and can take less time. It costs is as affordable as our community mediation program and is pro-rated for partial-hours.

Divorce Mediation

Get support to stay out of court:

  • Sliding Scale Fees
  • Joint Mediation Sessions in Santa Cruz
  • Covers All Aspects of Divorce
  • Attorney Supervised Sessions

Divorce mediation is an alternative to having to go to court. Instead, we give you the law and the tools you need to help YOU decide what will happen with your property and debts, child and spousal support, and your children. We believe YOU are in the best position to make decisions about your life, rather than a judge. And we help you get there. To get started, call us at (831) 345-2891.

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