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The Conflict Resolution Center: A Community Resource

You find yourself in the same sort of conflict again and again. Or you have a hunch that, with a few more skills, you could work something out on your own. CRC’s workshops can help.
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CRC’s workshops are:

Practical: Participants can apply skills learned immediately to work in your professional and personal life.

Interactive: Trainers use a variety of approaches to engage participants.

Affordable: CRC offers a range of training options to make these skills accessible.

Take the First Step Toward Relief

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Developing a better understanding of the nature of conflict and the variety of ways to approach it can be a first step toward productive communication. CRC has one-day workshops designed to give you skills and confidence to improve communication and resolve problems in your home, workplace, and community.

Help Employees Solve Their Conflicts

Before They Turn Into Your Problems
For your business or non-profit, you have the option of sending your employees to one of our public workshops. Or CRC trainers can tailor workshops for small businesses and non-profits, and deliver them on-site. We are happy to consult with you about your particular needs so that we can craft a training suited to your workplace culture.

Annual 30-Hour Mediation Training

Each year CRC offers a 30-hour training for those interested in conducting mediations. Participants who complete the course find the skills they have learned are useful in their interactions at work, at home, and in the community. In addition, volunteers for our Community Mediation Program are selected from the training’s graduates.

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Conflict Resolution Skills for Work and Life

This interactive class combines discussion and skills practice, and is also the pre-requisite for our annual Mediation Skills Training.  Explore how you handle conflict now, understand how conflict works, and learn practical, powerful skills to: keep conflict from escalating, listen without defensiveness, speak without offending, find common ground/satisfying solutions and create positive, lasting change.

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Mediation in the Media

Whether it’s a public radio exploration of Muslims and Jews talking their way toward peace, or a cable tv show about mediation between gangs, click here to find examples of how the media portrays people working together.

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