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The Conflict Resolution Center: A Community Resource

Since 1986, CRC has helped thousands of clients – businesses, organizations and individuals – find satisfying solutions to difficult problems. Whether you are experiencing conflict at home, in your neighborhood, or at work, CRC can help you find relief. Our services are available to anyone in Santa Cruz County.

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CRC’s skilled and experienced mediators guide participants through each phase of the mediation process: identifying problems, perspectives, concerns, and reaching satisfying agreements.

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Group Facilitation

Facilitation will help groups work more effectively together to accomplish priority tasks. This is useful for teams of employees, board members, or members of an organization.

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If you’re not sure how to go about resolving the conflict you are facing, let’s talk about your options. We can help you decide what course of action will bring about the results you are seeking.

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Restorative Justice

Restorative justice provides the opportunity for those most directly affected by crime to be directly and actively involved in responding to the harm caused by crime. 

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You find yourself in the same sort of conflict again and again. Or you have a hunch that, with a few more skills, you could work something out on your own. CRC’s workshops can help.

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Special Projects

CRC continues to find ways to apply conflict resolution to our county’s needs. Here you will find information about our latest ideas and projects in development. You can help fund this projects.

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We Offer Meanful and Lasting Resolution. Learn how your donations can creating meanful results in our community.
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Next CRC Workshops

Learn Conflict Mediation

Would you like to be better at handling conflicts? Looking for alternatives to argument and avoidance? Our one-day workshop, Conflict Resolution Skills for Work and Life, uses small class sizes and lots of hands-on practice to show you how to navigate through tough interactions with grace. Pick a date that works for you, or ask us how we can customize the class for your group or workplace.

Mediation FAQs

Useful Answers About Mediation

Find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions about mediation. We offer introductory answers to your questions about mediation, restorative justice, and other services offered by Conflict Resolution Center. Mediation is facilitated dialogue between individuals or groups facing conflict. Learn how mediation can help you and your community.

Explore our Effective Servieces and Helpful Resources

CRC Services and Resources

Community Engagement

Special Project

CRC continues to find ways to apply conflict resolution to our county’s needs. Here you will find information about our latest ideas and projects in development.

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Connect to Suppotive Organizations

CRC Resource

CRC has put together a useful list of legal, family, and community resources that can help you through difficult issues and circumstances. You can contact us for additional resources guidance.

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Help Resolve Conflict

Volunteer for CRC

CRC has over 40 active volunteers who serve as mediators in our Small Claims Mediation, Victim-Offender Dialogue, and Community Mediation Programs. Learn all about volunteering at CRC.

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CRC in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Resolve” comes out the third Friday of every month, and highlights aspects of the conflict resolution process we use with clients. Catch up with these .pdfs of the first, second, and third issues, and look for future editions...
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CRC and a Safer Santa Cruz

CRC co-sponsors Together for a Safer Santa Cruz, declaring ‘as a community that we want to work together in transparent and solution-focused collaboration for a healthy and safe Santa Cruz County. Here is news of...
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CRC receives Leadership Grant

Our Executive Director, Shauna Mora, secured a generous grant to help with her focus on collaborating with other area organizations to make our mediation and training services a go-to resource for all communities in the...
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